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Combeferre looked around at all the students. Grantaire still hadn’t shown up to class and it’s been a couple of days. He had missed the recent meetings and didn’t even come near anyone of his friends. It worried Combeferre the most. he knew how much the cynic could tick off Enjolras but could it have been that bad this time. 

Ferre had missed the last meeting ‘Taire was supposedly at and from what he herd, things did not go well with the two opposites especially since Ferre wasn’t there to keep Enjolras under control, as much a s could in the first place. 

As the lecture began, the blonde took out his phone and sent Grantaire another text. We’re all worried about you…I’m sure E didn’t mean it.He himself was not so sure if he did or not, Enjolras didn’t speak bout the matter or Grantaire after that day. He at least wanted to make sure the other was alive at least. 

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